school transportation

Mustard redefines how communities move around by enabling transportation that's cost-effective, efficient, and transparent — starting with schools.

What is Mustard?

We are a modern and low cost transportation solution for schools. We provide efficient, environmentally-friendly, data rich transportation, at a far lower cost by maximizing vehicle utilization. 

Creating alternatives for transportation while fostering local community.

For the community —

For parents —

Convenience of transportation, safety and peace of mind

For schools —

Cutting costs, easier day-to-day logistics and room for innovation with efficient customization.

Distributing the future for schools.

Cost-efficient rides can move students in less time. By simplifying the transportation logistics schools can save money, and savings mean more teachers on the payroll.

Our, safe and modern, tech-enabled vehicles allow complete visibility of student flow, in and out of school. Predict delays to communicate better with teachers and staff.

The best of all is that creating a flexible infrastructure we can open room for school to innovate.

Our intelligent technology makes the routes dynamic so everyone saves time avoiding waits and inefficient long rides. Real-time tracking and notifications about trip status will make children commute surprise-free.

With multiple rides options kids will never miss school. Our fleet of comfortable new vehicles delivers a smooth ride every day!

Peace of mind is guaranteed by vetted and trained drivers who respect and care about the riders.

Peace of mind for parents, always.

Fostering communities by creating alternatives for transportation

Great schools are at the core of great communities so we extend Mustard to be used by seniors, workers, commuters, for after-school activities and off-peak transportation.

We are redefining the role of the drivers and creating local jobs. Your community will breath with relief when we reduce congestion, idling and pollution.

Give us your info and we will let you know when we launch in your area.

Ready to change school transportation for good?

Mustard is currently building at Human Ventures, a startup studio based in New York City.